Bounce off of enemies, platform, and swing your spear one card at a time while looking for treasure in a procedurally generated dungeon! 


- Cards need to be placed either on the left of the right of your character. This determines the direction of attacks, movements, and the like!

- Attack treasure chests!

- Sometimes its best to just draw a card and skip your turn!

- If you fall onto an enemy, you'll deal it damage and bounce off! This is the key to victory!


- Use your mouse to drag cards from your hand to the right or left of your character to play them.

- To draw a card and skip your turn, press enter or click on the deck.

- Drag a card to the "Shred" icon to remove it from your deck forever. Doing so will let you draw a card. You can only do this once per turn.


- After you play a card, the enemies in the area will move, then the traps in the area will tick.


- "Quick" means the card won't take up your turn.

- "Attack" swings your spear in the direction you played the card.

- "Move" moves that many cells in the direction you played the card.

- "Warp" places you in a space that many cells away in the direction you played the card.

- "Jump" hops you up that many cells.

- "Fall" makes you fall that many cells.

- "Draw" draws that many cards.

- "Pain" hurts you that much.

- "Drain" heals you that much.

Coding by Andrew Jones

Art by Joe Hanna @joehasdiedgames

Music by Micah Jones

We used this great font:

Published 31 days ago
AuthorStrange Spaces
GenreCard Game
TagsLudum Dare 41
LinksLudum Dare

Development log


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It's like having killer reflexes without actually having to execute said killer reflexes yourself, so there's time for strategy. This is a great compatible "incompatible" combo of genres. The art and audio are excellent, but the font rendering was slightly hard to read for some words such as "Attack", "Climhazzard", and "Quick", at least when we were playing, though it's still readable. Overall, we're glad to see something like this show up in LD41, and look forward to what you'll be coming up with next.

When will we see iPhone/Android version? Current HTML version doesn't like iOS touch :-(.


We may or may not be kind of secretly working on that...


Bloody fantastic. Not just that it threw me right back into my youth thanks to the "Final Fantasy"-like soundtrack and because of the gorgeous pixel art, but also the gameplay is so well designed. I spent already two hours with it and I absolutely love it. It was fun to explore the different types of cards and to be in a dungeon, where not just the enemies, but the environment itself is quite hostile (I mean the acid drops and the spikes). Stunning work, mates. Gladly I wrote a praising article of your game and also uploaded a little gameplay video of it - may more players be driven to your Ludum Dare 41 entry! Keep it on, you're awesome game developers!

Best wishes,


Wow! Thanks a ton you guys! It's a huge honor and motivator to have our games reviewed. It means a ton to us! 


You're very welcome. Stay as awesome as you are and keep on making such juicy games. <3 It's been a pleasure as usually!

Oh wow, I just commented on your game "e Negative" without realizing that you also made this game! Even with as bad as I am at this game, I have been playing it on and of for three days now! Thanks for making such great games. 

Ah thanks! Haha I'm glad you like 'em!

Great game. Played until floor 17 and then stopped. The little map was poking out pretty far from the border by that point. Would definitely like to see more done with the concept! Doing elaborate combos of  enemies  where they fall on each other and into acid/spikes in the later levels was pretty cool. "Great work!" to everybody involved.

Floor 17 is super impressive! One of our design goals is to make the game a little denser so that more puzzly trap + enemy interactions can happen! Thanks a bunch!

Dude this ROCKS!!! good job!

Thank you!

Got to floor 9 before dying. This is an amazing game! I found a "bug" where I can use the drain attack on a chest over and over to regen all my health. I'm very interested in seeing how this game will develop and look forward to it. Thank you so much for this.


Haha yeah I've enjoyed that "bug" a couple times.

Thank you very much for your kind words! Getting to Floor 9 is really impressive! The farthest anyone has gotten is 16, and that was the musician on the team!

I'll have to try and see if I can get that far.

A suggestion I just thought of is being able to see what cards and how many are in my deck. That way I can safely shred the right cards.

Yeah for sure! That was on our polish list for the jam, but time got away from us!

This game is fantastic! Really digging the aesthetic, and I love me some card games so this is right up my alley!

Made it to floor 7 before  I stopped. There'some incredible work here, the mechanic is really really good. I'd love to see the concept built out a bit. Maybe even with a deckbuilding style skill tree? Going down the "assassin" path gives you more mobility cards, "Warrior" gives you more defense and attack. That sort of thing.

Thanks a bunch! Yeah we're thinking expanding it, actually! I'm not sure what kind of deckbuilding we'll be implementing, but you can be sure more cards is high on our priorities!

Nice work! Love the art and music! Reminds me a lot of Final Fantasy. I did keep getting stuck in midair and running out of cards, but thems the draws I guess.

Thanks! Did you see that you can click the deck or press enter to draw a card make the game tick? Thats how you fall if you get stuck in midair.