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Punch "Start" to start!

Using her cybernetic enhancements, Jane tries her hand at vigilante justice to help wipe out crime on Crime Dragon Planet! But those cybernetic arms of hers are STRONG, so she better watch how hard she hits or she might get into trouble with the fuzz!

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QWERTY Controls:

WASD or ARROWS to move.

P or X to attack (combine with W/UP or S/DOWN for special attacks).

SPACEBAR to jump or double jump.

Mechanics: In the upper left corner is your power meter. It charges constantly! The higher is is, the stronger your attacks. Attacking reduces it.

Enemies have red health and blue health. If an enemy has red health left, they will still be able to fight! If they only have blue health, they will collapse in a heap and await arrest. If you knock out an enemy’s blue health, they will die, and you’ll draw the attention of the Dragon Cops!

With each Fugitive Star comes more and more Dragon Cops. Stars will slowly drain, but once a star fills all the way, you have that star forever!

Mr. Drippy’s will drop sometimes. They fill up some of your health and also a large amount of your power, so be careful!

Art by Joe:

Coded by Andrew

Music By Micah:

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Published 8 days ago
AuthorStrange Spaces
TagsAction, Ludum Dare 40
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